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Why Instruct SLC Solicitors

In a market that continues to grow and develop the selection of a reliable and results driven law firm is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The process of choosing who to use however, is one that is quickly becoming more difficult thanks to the large supply of businesses on offer to you.

So who do you choose? It’s easy for us to say “Choose SLC Solicitors”, but what makes us different to the rest?

SLC’s team of 50 consists of experienced Solicitors, qualified Legal Executives and paralegals with almost 200 years of post-qualification experience between them, ensuring you are in excellent hands.

We work in close partnership with clients, always protecting and prioritising their interests and building long-standing relationships based on trust.

SLC’s credentials speak for themselves, having collected so far over £47m in debt, nearly £6m in admin charges and over £2m in late payment interest.

SLC are focussed on collecting each debt in the shortest possible timescale. We have a 48-hour turnaround on new instructions with the aim of keeping the number of days we have that debt to a minimum. We constantly review and monitor our processes to ensure our collection rate is at its most efficient.

We have direct access to all the leading property management software including Qube, PropMan and Yardi which enables us to extract all tenant information directly without the need for lengthy spreadsheets or individual instructions.

There is no limit to the volume of instructions we can take.

We remit payments to our clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

In every case we endeavour to work on a no recovery no fee basis. *

The distinct advantage of instructing SLC rather than debt recovery firm is that in most instances it is only legal costs that are recoverable under cost recovery clauses in a lease. Whilst we will always aim to recovery pre-legal proceedings where legal action is required no onward referral is required and all costs are recovered from the tenant.

In addition, lenders are increasingly reluctant to make payment without a judgment so by instructing SLC you know you have the very best chance of recovering monies from a mortgagee.

A word of caution:

Outsourcing landlord and tenant debt recovery related instructions to debt collection agencies is a practice that could create some foreseeable issues for a client when account is taken of the fact that it is only solicitors’ costs that are recoverable pursuant to the relevant cost recovery clauses held in the lease i.e. the contract between the landlord and tenant. Organisations who are not law firms do not fall under the definitions of regulated legal representatives.

A typical example of costs clause:

“To pay to the Landlord or the Management Company on an indemnity basis all costs charges and expenses including legal costs and disbursements which may be incurred by the Landlord in the enforcement of any of the Tenant’s covenants herein.”

The clause above refers to “legal costs”. Costs can only be claimed by a “legal representative” which is defined under Paragraph 2.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules as:
Barrister; Solicitor; Solicitor’s Employee; *Manager of a body recognised under Section 9 of the Administration of Justice Act 1895; or **A person who, for the purposes of the Legal Services Act 2007, is an authorised person in relation to an activity which constitutes the conduct of Litigation.

*= a body which has been recognised by the Law Society as being suitable to undertake the provision of any solicitor services or other relevant legal services.

SLC provide reports which are issued at the frequency you dictate. These are regularly reviewed at meetings to ensure they have the level of information you need in the format you prefer.

In addition, each client is supplied with a login which gives you instant access to all your live cases so you can track progress at every step of the way which can be accessed via desktop, tablet or a mobile device to ensure you remain up to date at all times.

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Once you instruct SLC, we will provide you with an individual Account Manager who becomes your main point of contact, both during the day to day running of your account as well as conducting quarterly meetings to review your account in person. Relationships are key to a successful partnership.

Our offices are open from 9am-7pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-5pm on Fridays, with a select team working on Saturday. This ensures we can capture any incoming calls from debtors on days when they may suspect an attempt to make payment will not be successful in order to delay the process and all staff are trained to deal with dispute resolution.

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