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Nuisance Actions & Breach of Lease

Tenants of residential flats often commit acts of ‘nuisance’ in breach of their lease i.e. doing something on their own property which they are lawfully entitled to do but which becomes a nuisance when the consequences of those acts extend to the property of their neighbours or when they do something in their own property which is prohibited under the lease.

At SLC we have experts with experience in taking action against the breach of lease – cases include:

  • Keeping pets in contravention of lease terms
  • Parking or abandoning vehicles (and even the occasional boat!) on estate roads or other tenant’s parking spaces
  • Failing to keep property in repair
  • Overflowing baths causing damage to flats below
  • Installation of laminate flooring causing noise nuisance
  • Unlawful erection of satellite dishes.

Our charges are £201 plus VAT to review the lease and depending on the wording of the lease very often the costs are recoverable directly from the tenant or in most cases via the service charge – so there is no cost to you.

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