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Licences for works/alterations

Tenants or occupiers often want to alter their premises or carry out works to them for which they may need a formal written licence under the terms of their lease or transfer.

SLC Solicitors can act on behalf of landlords, management companies and developers, whose responsibility it is to grant those licences to ensure that the rest of the buildings or estate is safeguarded, that the works are carried out to an adequate standard and that remedies are put in place for breach of the tenant’s obligations. All we require is:

  • The lease of the flat or the TP1 (transfer) if the property is freehold;
  • A plan of the proposed works;
  • A schedule of the proposed works.

We will then liaise with the tenant or occupiers’ lawyers to bring the matter to a speedy conclusion.

Legal fees are met by the tenant in all cases and often leases provide the right for the party who gives consent to charge an ‘administrative’ fee for granting their consent so income can be generated this way.

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