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Commercial Debt Recovery

No recovery no fee and fixed fee charges based on your solicitor’s performance.

Are you counting the cost of bad debts? Commercial Debt Recovery from SLC can help!

It is always good commercial practice to ensure your business operates an effective credit control policy. Your business should not be afraid to protect its cashflow. The cost of not protecting your business in this way at all times can cause reduced profitability and difficult trading periods, potentially leading to the onset of bankruptcy or liquidation.

At SLC Solicitors we are committed to helping you avoid counting the cost of bad debts. We are just a phone call away from acting on your behalf. You may encounter many excuses as to why you are not being paid on time. However legitimate these may be it is nevertheless vital to minimise the impact of late payment by adhering strictly to your terms of payment.

If you delay or miss payment chasing deadlines your debtor may relax and do the same. Customers have a right to expect you to deliver goods or services to them by the agreed deadline – you have a right to expect customers to pay for these, also by the agreed deadline. If you have kept to your side of the bargain they should keep to theirs. If they fail to, then let us chase the debt on your behalf.

If you show a willingness not to vigorously pursue monies owed to you, some businesses may abuse their trading position by effectively putting your payment chasing letters to the bottom of the pile (or in the bin!). Experience shows that late paying customers are unlikely to change without any pressure to do so. Sometimes it takes only a call or letter from us to remind your customer that payment to you really is a priority.

We understand only too well the frustration which can be felt when chasing late payments. Overdue monies can adversely affect YOUR business’s cash flow and budgets, making paying your own creditors difficult. This situation can damage working relationships, your reputation, or worse. So before your frustration turns to anger why not invite us to try and get your money for you.

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