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We are an award winning niche commercial law firm serving the property management sector. We work in partnership with our clients and know that by putting their interests first it helps us to build longstanding relationships based on trust.

Whilst SLC operates almost exclusively within the litigation, debt recovery and property management sectors, we also offer ancillary legal services such as leasehold enfranchisement, Right To Manage company formation and guidance, lease variations and extensions, section 20 consultation guidance,

licences for works/alterations/sublettings and much more. We are always willing to speak to anyone on a ‘no obligation’ basis. We provide our services nationwide and regularly conduct training seminars and surgeries at our clients’ premises all around the country so that our clients can easily gauge our people and our expertise in the areas in which we offer our niche services.

Build to Rent and the Private Rented Sector

The UK’s private rented sector (PRS) has more than doubled in size in recent years, and it is set to keep expanding. ‘Build to Rent’ is becoming increasingly the way forward with institutional investors taking their lead from our European and US counterparts. There are now more than 10 million people living in privately rented accommodation, accounting for over four million households, 19-20% of the total number of households in the UK. With the scope for institutional investment increasing within the sector, supported by the government, these figures look set to continue to rise with projections indicating growth to around 25% in the next few years with London reaching 50% by 2020. A recent Investment Survey of large-scale investors in the PRS indicated that activity is poised to step up significantly in the years to come, with investment more than trebling by 2020. This translates into total sector investment of £50 billion by then, up from £15 billion today.

SLC recognises the very specific challenges presented by the PRS and, as the sector grows and becomes more mature, our tailored PRS legal service supports

clients in all aspects of their letting and management operations including recovery of rent arrears and extended ‘trace and collect’ service.

SLC will match your brand ethos and values from the start creating the desirable synergies and delivering an end product synonymous with your brand qualities and customer expectations. As an SRA Regulated law firm the pre-requisite of ‘accreditation’ and ‘respected industry bodies’ is integral and professionalism and good practice really are a given.

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