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PRS / Build to Rent

SLC recognise the very specific challenges presented by the institutional PRS and, as the sector grows and becomes more mature, our tailored PRS legal service supports clients on both a consultancy and an operational level. As the sector attracts greater diversity of investor, both domestic and international, and ‘Build to Rent’ and ‘Multi-family’ living become commonplace industry jargon, SLC are leading the way with intelligent evolutionary legal provision.

‘Maximising gross rental income, and optimisation of spending’ are industry maxims and The SLC PRS Arrears Recovery Model fulfils these objectives with an innovative cost efficient high yield platform designed to deliver these efficiencies.

‘Smart Management’. Managing voids and bad debts has been identified as a ‘crucial component of ensuring strong financial performance.’ SLC’s model provides solutions for arrears management, write offs and legal fees; including serving notices and court attendance. Rent reviews, accounting, performance management and reporting also ensure the investor has up to date information about performance and return.

Regulatory compliance is essential to minimise reputational risk and ensure successful debt recovery. SLC provide robust processes for meeting all legal requirements including document and tenancy preparation, checking and execution.

SLC will identify with your brand values from the outset creating positive synergies and delivering a service synonymous with your brand qualities and customer expectations. As an SRA Regulated law firm the pre-requisite of ‘accreditation’ and ‘respected industry bodies’ is intrinsic. Professionalism and good practice can be taken for granted.

“…[A] strategic approach to every element of management….needs to be in place in order to maximise return for the investor. …a joined up approach will offer the best customer experience possible, enable the highest rent to be achieved and have minimum resident turnover……’Management is Build to Rent’.” 

ULI UK Residential Council: Build to Rent: A Best Practice Guide, Edition 2; March 2016.

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