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Social housing

Social housing providers (SHPs) exist to provide affordable housing to some eight million people in England and Wales. The majority of that stock is rented accommodation.

At SLC Solicitors we are aware of the strict regulatory framework within which SHPs must operate and their obligations to be transparent; to report on performance to their tenants; and to hold themselves to account. As a result we believe we can assist with rent arrears collections and possession proceedings in alignment with those obligations by providing a transparent service with clear up front legal costs and online case access for clients. This enables all progress to be viewed by direct links to our systems and providing daily, weekly or monthly reports on all matters including financial information.

We provide a comprehensive rent and (if applicable) service charge arrears recovery service for SHPs (this includes tracing and pursuing tenants who have vacated the property). We work in partnership with SHPs and tailor our service to meet their specific requirements.

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