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The move from home ownership to the rented property market has been incredibly significant since the onset of the recent very difficult economic climate. As home owners found their homes being repossessed and banks unwilling to lend, in particular to first time buyers and anyone without significant cash reserves to make up large deposits, a huge surge of people have moved into rented accommodation on assured shorthold tenancies of varying lengths.

Whilst this is following a model of home dwelling that other European countries are very familiar with this is a quickly expanding market in the UK and with that comes an increase in the need for legal and management services to support this rental sector.

SLC specialises in property management and debt recovery, both domestic and commercial, we can provide first class legal services to support clients in this sector with our residential rent arrears and possessions service.

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“They have never hesitated to advise on matters which are not strictly within the remit and thus have proved to be an unexpectantly valuable information resource upon which we can draw when necessary.”

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